Your Go - To Guide to packing for a Sailing Vacation

Published on 20. March, 2023
Your Go - To Guide to packing for a Sailing Vacation

Are you getting ready to embark on a sailing charter around the Turkish Riviera but don’t know what to pack? This is where we come in to ensure you aren’t the friend that brings their entire wardrobe for a week at sea. Because no one wants to be that guy…

The Cardinal Rule - pack light

There is one rule you must follow when packing for a sailing vacation, and that is to keep things light. First, consider the confines of your cabin space. It’s likely you won’t have room for an oversized suitcase unless you want to sleep with it on your bed. Because yacht cabins are smaller than hotel rooms, no matter if you’re on a spacious 50ft+ sailing yacht, you won’t have space for much else but yourself. That being said - keep the entire wardrobe at home and pack the sailing essentials! Choosing a soft duffle bag that can squeeze into small spaces over a hard suitcase isn’t a bad idea, either. Remember, less is more.

SPF is your friend

Considering you’ll be spending a week at sea, you can count on plenty of sun to accompany your sailing trip. And because no one wants to spend their week indoors and covered in aloe vera - pack the right sunscreen! Even if you’re after the perfectly bronzed tan or think you’re one of those people who ‘don’t get sunburned,’ the sun’s rays are extra powerful when hitting the sea, meaning you’ll need extra protection for your trip. Don’t leave without your favorite sunblock (with the appropriate factor for your skin), and make sure it isn’t oil-based, as you’ll quickly leave grease stains on the yacht. Cover-ups, big hats, and sunglasses are also necessary - and if you get sunburned anyway? Don’t forget a good aloe vera gel or cream!

A salty surprise

But your skin isn’t the only body part you need to worry about. Keeping in mind that the Turquoise Coast can get extra salty, what does that mean for your hair? This is especially important for anyone with curls, as salt water ​​can dehydrate your hair and scalp, leaving you dry, brittle, and frizzy. Not the best look for your yacht charter, right? That being said, don’t forget to bring enough biodegradable and eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner for your week away.

Gear up for bedtime and breezy evenings

While those romantic summer nights usually result in warm thoughts, you can’t forget about the potentially breezy evenings at sea. Packing a light windbreaker is a must. It’s also wise to think about those early mornings when the sun peeks through your cabin porthole or if an early morning engine becomes your alarm clock. Bringing earplugs and an eye mask is always a good call.

Don’t forget the entertainment

While you’ll already be entertained on board by stunning seascapes and scenery, you shouldn’t forget to bring your electronics. An extra battery or portable charger is great to have on hand, as electrical outlets on board may be limited. Because you’ll be snapping photos often, packing extra batteries, a full memory card, and a waterproof case for your professional camera can't hurt. If you like to read, an e-reader is a foolproof option to pass the time, while the simple pleasures of a deck of cards or board games make any yacht charter more fun. Because you’ll be at sea - think waterproof everything, meaning plenty of Ziploc bags for your cash, documents, and electronics, too!

We’re giving you the basics; now it's your turn to use our tips for your next yacht charter on the Turkish Riviera. Let’s start packing!

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