Smart investment

Saysail Ownership Programme

The Saysail team takes care of your boat while you enjoy sailing on your own yacht and earning money as well.

Saysail Ownership Programme

Let your boat make money while you enjoy the sea!

How it works


You buy your Hanse yacht with the most advantageous conditions from Hanse Turkey Distributor Trio Deniz.


The experienced and specialized staff of Saysail manages all processes related to your boat such as harbouring, maintenance, repairing, licensing and insurance on your behalf. You won't have to lose any time!


Your boat is chartered on the periods you do not intend to use it to earn the required income. Your boat will be offered on the global bareboat charter market and chartered on a weekly basis to sailors coming from all around the World.


Saysail specialists manage all of your boats' international advertising, marketing, booking processes as well as check-in and check-out operations to ensure that your boat gets maximum bookings and you don't have to worry about anything.


Your boat benefits from high-standard technical services with Trio Deniz's assurance.


The income received from your boat’s rental operations is used not only for its expenses such as harbouring, maintenance, repairing, licensing and insurance, but it also leaves you extra profit.

That's all you need

Choosing Your Yacht

You absolutely have the last word when choosing your yacht. You can purchase any Hanse you wish with any layout option you want. We, as Saysail, only advise you the models and configurations which will provide you with the best income rates concerning our detailed cost-benefit analysis.


While in the Saysail Charter Management Program, your boat will be held in Göcek Marina. Göcek, one of the main yachting centers in Turkey and only 20 minutes away from Dalaman Airport, is a special and private destination focused on yachting which has been able to keep itself out of the main mass tourism trends consisted on urbanization leading to overpopulation ending up with the total destruction of natural beauties in favor of massive buildings.

Using Your Boat

You can sail on your own boat as long as you desire. However, to ensure that your boat can afford all expenses as harbouring, maintenance, repairing and insurance costs we highly recommend you not to keep your boat for your private usage more than 4 weeks in a season. You can also use your yacht whenever it is not booked for charter, just call our booking team.

Special Deals

Explore special Hanse deals for charter management program members.

Smart Investment

Request cost and expenses projection. Our agents have all the knowledge to help you through the process of becoming a proud yacht owner.