A Mediterranean wonderland for sailors

Experience Turkey

The Turkish Riviera is an otherworldly haven famed as the ‘Turquoise Coast’ due to its striking blue hue. A cerulean utopia decorated with rugged mountainous scenery, lush Mediterranean landscapes, ancient ruins, unbeatable beaches, blissful bays, and endless sunshine, this dreamy destination captivates sailors to its coast no matter the time of year. What are you waiting for? 

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The Saysail Experience

Because we strive to offer something for all types of sailors, promising a carefree sailing holiday no matter your needs or desires. Let your dreams set sail.

Saysail Story

Saysail Story

Saysail was born to offer a brand new charter experience on the Turkish Riviera, guaranteeing our clients have all they need on their next sailing holiday. But our vast experience and unparalleled customer service are only part of what brings the Saysail story to life. Why else should you sail with us? 

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