How can we help you? Faq - most common questions about Saysail

We present to you Saysail, a brand-new charter company with a fresh approach in providing sailing holidays to clients looking for top of the line service and quality.

  • What is FLEX plan and how to purchase it?

    FLEX plan is an optional surcharge to charter fee (onboard accommodation service) that allows the Charterer to cancel or change charter contract/reservation up to 60 days before the embarkation for no special reason. FLEX plan costs 7% of the final charter fee for the Charterer as per official SAYSAIL price list valid at the moment of booking. This surcharge can only be purchased when creating e new contract/confirming new booking and cannot be added to already existing contract. When Charterer pays for FLEX Plan surcharge, contracted charter price changes and is considered to be charter fee increased for FLEX surcharge.

  • If I choose to charter a boat in Turkey, what are the basic information I should know?

    Best period to visit Turkey is from May to October. The currency is Turkish Lira, and people speak Turkish language, but English is widely spoken. In order to enter Turkey you will need an e-visa. Normal embarkation day is Saturday.

  • How do I get to Göcek?

    Göcek sits on the lower south-western corner of the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, surrounded by mountains and stunning scenery, boasts an archipelago of beautiful islands and is only a 20-minute drive from Dalaman International Airport.

  • What kind of weather can I expect in Göcek?

    You can expect sunny weather because sun is shining in Göcek over 300 days per year! Pleasant swim in Göcek is possible all year round, depending on preferences. Sea temperatures begin to rise in spring, reaching 20 degrees in May. March signifies the end of winter as the weather turns to Spring. In April temperatures reach up to 21 - 22 degrees Celsius. In May the days are sunny, and afternoons are hotter with an air temperature of around 25 C. August is the hottest month in Göcek with an average temperature of 29 C (84°F) and the coldest is December at 6 C (43°F).

  • What is included in charter fee?

    Charter price is usually formed per boat weekly, no matter how many people will be on board (the maximum number of passengers is always limited depending on the size of the yacht). Therefore, charter price covers the vessel rental, all navigation and safety equipment, dinghy and the bed linens. The obligatory payment that needs to be done at embarkation is transit log or charter pack. Outboard engine, gennaker, spinnaker, snorkelling equipment are optional services that are not in charter fee included and can be arranged at surcharge.

  • What qualifications do I need for bareboat charter?

    When chartering the boat bareboat, the skipper must possess valid licence for size and tonnage of the boat as well as VHF.

  • What do I need to bring for the check in proccess?

    DOCUMENTS REQUIRED at the embarkation: passport or ID, boarding pass, crew list, skipper’s sailing licence and VHF operator licence – all f them must be ORIGINALS!

  • Are there any specifics to know when travelling to Turkey?

    If you're travelling to Turkey you'll need a visa as well as the travel and health insurance. You can acquire your visa at your arrival in the airport or request your e-visa via following link:

  • Is it possible to bring pets to our trip?

    Pets can be allowed on board upon request. Also, you might be charged an extra transit log.

  • Can I take the electrical equipment on board?

    The electrical equipment can be taken with you but it is important to be rational with the use of electricity on-board. In Turkey the power plugs and sockets are of type F. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.