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If you are dreaming of sailing away on your own Hanse Yacht but you are not sure you could finance it, maintain it or you do not have enough available time to use it for more than 4 weeks a year, our Saysail ownership programme is the perfect choice for you.
You can become a yacht owner with a minimal investment and take in all the benefits and advantages of yacht ownership without taking care of yacht maintenance. As an authorized Hanse Yachts dealer we can provide you with the entire range Hanse yachts on favourable terms.


  • excellent booking results, with more than 20 weeks per season
  • high maintenance standards for best resale value for your yacht
  • special purchase conditions for your yacht
  • high-quality aftersales support
  • financial security with insurance against loss of charter income
  • favourable financing conditions through affiliate leasing companies
  • transparent cash flow reports through constant insight in income and expenses

ownership programme
Saysail investment models

Saysail Ownership

If you are aiming for maximum return on investment and flexibility in your holiday planning, this is the way to go. The charter income is shared in 65% – 35% ratio in favour of you as the investor. You purchase the yacht in your name or better yet in the name of your company and you are more actively involved in the yachts business operations. A 30% down payment is sufficient to purchase a yacht while the rest can be financed by leasing but we recommend a 35% down payment of the gross price. With that, the charter income should cover the leasing annuities and the costs of maintenance, insurance and berth while, depending on the down payment amount, you can expect additional profit. This investment model also offers greater discounts when purchasing a yacht.
With this charter management model, there is more flexibility in choosing the yacht and its equipment.

Selecting your yacht

In the Saysail Ownership model, you get to choose the model, layout and the full specification of the boat. However, in order to make an informed decision we will recommend the most profitable Hanse models and specifications according to our long-term experience in charter. On top of that with detailed calculation of cost and income, we will present the cost-effectiveness of particular yacht models in order to help you find the most suitable yacht that will match your personal and financial needs.

In the Saysail Partnership model, you can choose only from our own selection of yachts that are equipped to our specifications in order to guarantee sufficient bookings for the return of our costs and investment.

Using your yacht

One of the main reasons for investing in charter management is often the fact that you get to use the yacht yourself.
In the Saysail Ownership model you can use your yacht as much as you want but we recommend up to 4 weeks of usage per season. This includes 2 weeks in high season. This way, the charter income should cover all your financing, maintenance, berth and other expenses. You can also use your yacht whenever it is not booked for charter.
In the Hanse Yachting World Partnership model you can use the yacht for up to 3 weeks including 1 week in high season.

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